Building a New Pool?

Hire a trenching contractor to install the underground cables in Purvis & Sumrall, MS

If you're adding a pool to your home, having a working pool light is an important safety feature. A highly qualified trenching contractor can dig out where the underground cables need to go for installation. H H Contracting Unlimited, LLC provides trenching and excavation services for clients in Purvis, Sumrall, MS and the surrounding areas.

We make sure both residential and commercial clients have proper underground cabling. Our services include...

  • Locating where underground pipes and wires need to be installed
  • Locating any faults that need repair
  • Trenching the ground to make room for underground cable installations
You'll be able to run electricity to your outbuildings, shops, well pumps, landscape lights and more. Call 601-620-7443 now for a free estimate on trenching and excavation.

Count on us to lighten the load by schedule excavation services

Underground installations require specific training to complete successfully. When you work with our trenching contractors for excavation and installations, you can rest assured that you'll get top-notch customer service. We bring over 13 years of experience to each job and we're fully insured. Contact us today to schedule excavation services.